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Paramount Title Agency is a title insurance agency in Denver, Colorado.

Investor Purchase

Real Estate investors find great value at Paramount. In addition to our super low settlement fees, we offer affordable hold-open rates on owners’ policies, for those who know they will be selling the same home again quickly. Our Real Estate Settlement/Closing Fee is only $300. We understand your business and what it takes to make you more profitable. We won’t nickel and dime you with all kinds of additional fees. We also can close quickly, and at your convenience. If you are buying a property with the intent of re-selling it within a year, ask Paramount for a "hold-open" policy. For an additional 10% on the policy, we will hold the title commitment open for up to a year. Then, when you sell the property, you will only pay for the title insurance on any additional value. Don’t pay double—increase your bottom line!